About ARIADNEplus Training Hub


Training, whether delivered physically or online, is an important and on-going activity in professional development. This is acknowledged by the Humanities Research Infrastructures, many of which provide programmes and resources to support their researchers in their everyday work. ARIADNEplus has identified several topics which are of specific interest to archaeologists and is also training its data providers on preparing their data for inclusion within the ARIADNE Portal. In addition, the project has organised workshops on FAIR Data with more planned for the future (possibly virtual) events.

As part of training, Transnational Access (TNA) is offered though on-site visits and summer schools and is specifically aimed at early stage researchers and those with limited access to facilities in their home countries. Each researcher (or group) will be working on their own project and receives support from specialists to find solutions that will develop their research further. However, the project resources are limited so we are using a blended approach to create the Training Hub which will direct users to recommended materials, many of which come from other well-known sources within the Humanities.

ARIADNEplus will create some new materials, mainly in the form of webinars and manuals for the services provided in the Portal and we will also advertise upcoming training events that are relevant to our community.

If you would like to recommend a resource or suggest a new topic for the Training Hub, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at: contact@ariadne-infrastructure.eu.