Defining and implementing a Data Management Plan (DMP)


Data Management Plans (DMP) are a fundamental part of research documentation and increasingly required by funding agencies. A good DMP will help researchers plan for the sustainability of their data and ensure it is FAIR. Although the major part of the DMP is done at the start of any research, this is a live document that will need updating as the project progresses.


Basics of Research Data Management

Basics of data aspects covered by DMPs

Source: OpenAIRE

LEVEL: Basic


Data Management Planning

Describes the basic elements and requirements of a DMP

Source: PARTHENOS Training Suite

LEVEL: Basic


Practical Guide to the International Alignment of Research Data Management

How to organise research data and preserve it appropriately

Source: Science Europe

LEVEL: Intermediate

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ARIADNEplus Data Management Plan Tools

Source: ARIADNEplus